Why Video?

The web is an amazing platform capable of projecting sounds, moving images and making real stories come to life. 

You probably knew that, but the truth is very few companies are taking full advantage of what video can do for their site and for their company.

Most decisions we make are emotional ones, the house we buy, the person we marry, the car we end up buying. And when it comes to expressing emotion, the printed word can’t compare with narration and moving images.
But not all video is the same, it has to be produced, tailored and crafted to deliver results.

Some video makers shoot beautiful film that doesn’t say much, others make videos that look and sound like a walking strategy statement with limited appeal. With Smallbutglobal you get proven production value with conceptual hooks and storytelling ability – A rare combination. This is a due to Charlie Fisher’s over 20 years experience as a an award winning copywriter and advertising Creative Director

Here are some facts, trends and thoughts, that build a case for putting more video into your communication mix:

A few trends and facts:

• 57% of all content viewed on the net by 2014 will be video – Source GoViral
• In only 5 years since its debut, Youtube has announced it has exceeded 2 billion video views per day. Two billion!
• Over 200 million videos are uploaded to facebook annually- Not even including links
• Video is 7.5 times more likely to be viewed than traditional banner advertising – Source GoViral

What I would like to see more of:

• Video testimonials – Pure gold, especially in B2B communication. So let’s make some with your clients!
• If you have a great case, make it come to life in a video
• Pharma companies need to get in step and stop being corporate and start becoming real and personal. Let the patient, not the company tell the story
• If you have done good video work, don’t put it all tucked away in a “video section” of your website! Put video front and center on the home page. Spread it around, make it compliment other sections and make the sections come to life
• Let the employees of a company tell the story in their own personal words. Don’t rely on some distant professional voice over reading a corporate script in sound booth. It will sound like it is a million miles away from the heart of the company – because it is