About Small But Global

Over the past eight years, Small But Global has progressed from providing companies, ad agencies and consultants with concepts and copywriting, to now providing one-stop, full-scale video idea generation and production. The Small But Global difference is the combination of award winning conceptual thinking paired with exceptional and affordable production value.

Companies are looking for new and more cost effective ways for engaging their audiences with new content that can be seen from a variety of social and work related platforms.

If you are still printing 10,000 brochures, in multiple languages – there is a good chance you are seriously wasting your money. If you are still dumping pages of content from a brochure onto your site to tell your story, chances are you are not utilizing the net to its fullest. With video viewing and sharing being the fastest growing segment on today’s “content is king” internet, it’s time companies and organizations harness its potential. And Small But Global is here to help with that.